Revisions, Nude Models, and Freedom?

Amazing Agent Amy liked the revisions! She’s getting a second read over the weekend, and hopefully it goes out to publishers SOON. Speaking of the list of round one publishers, oh my. Seeing the names made this whole process feel a bit more real. I know these publishers. I read books by these publishers. Books.

And and and, to make my day even more special, one of the editors at [UNNAMED DREAM HOUSE] contacted my agent and requested the book after reading the blurb around here. 🙂

I finished my summer art classes today! I changed my major two years too late and have been playing perpetual catch-up. I’ve been pulling woodblock and screen prints (I apologize to the people in public who saw the ink under my nails and thought I didn’t bathe) and drawing people, pipes, cinderblocks and imaginary monsters for a month. But now, finally, I have a few weeks to write before I start FALL classes *falls down* That is, I have time to write and work at Nazi’s…I mean Macy’s.

To Do List:
-Plan TSM arc
-Outline Keeper (new project, still has new project smell)
-Enjoy not having etching ink permanently under nails

*Exercise is one of my absolute favorite activities. I’m not the smoking, coffee-addict writer. I’m the lap swimming, running, adrenaline-is-the-best-cure-for-writers-block writer. I find my ideas on the swimming pool floor. I sort through them on the treadmill. I do not think sitting still.

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