This is my journey

Let me catch you up to speed. This is my journey to publication.

Last summer, I wrote a novel. It was odd, in an interesting way, but very, very flawed. I realized it was flawed as soon as I began the query process. Many, many rejections were followed by one exciting submission to Dan Lazar of Writer’s House. He stepped away, but it was a great experience, my first in this industry. I knew I needed to revise, so I did the only thing I could think of as an over-burdened college student. I shelved the book.

Six months later, I was on an author’s website, surfing, and through a series of links I found myself on Nathan Bransford’s blog. He was hosting a dialogue contest. For the first time in six months, I pulled the novel from the shelf and picked a few lines of dialogue. The next morning I woke to learn I was one of five finalists in his contest, out of almost 600 entries! It was the burst of confidence I needed to get my butt in gear and revise the book. That, and the fact that my prize was a query critique, which could easily lead to a manuscript request, and my manuscript was in a sad state.

So, I revised. And then, when I submitted the query to Nathan, he requested a partial. He came back and said it wasn’t working, but offered some really great feedback and said he’d be willing to reconsider a partial. I sank into a hole for almost a week, revising, revising, revising. When I emerged, I resubmitted the partial.

Meanwhile, three other agents, Michael Bourret of D&G, Maya Rock, of WH, and Sara Crowe of HK, all requested material.

Nathan came back and said he liked the revisions, and requested the full.

And here we are.
I have a feeling that this journey is far from over.
It is both exhausting, and exhilarating, and I look forward to every moment of it.

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One thought on “This is my journey

  1. seaheidi says:

    Sara’s my agent–she’s great. Best of luck with everything!

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