Vicious trading cards

Some authors do bookmarks for books. Or buttons. Or totes. But for Vicious, I decided to do TRADING CARDS. One for each villain in the book.

They look like this:

trading card group final



If more books get added to the series, then each will have its own batch of supervillain trading cards. At the moment, there are FIVE cards you can collect. The four above, and this one:




So…how do you get these lovely cards?

If you buy the book (online or digitally), read it, review it–on Amazon, BN, Goodreads, etc–and send a link w/ the review to viciousveschwab at gmail dot com, I will send you a full set of VICIOUS trading cards :)

Sound fair?

I think that’s fair.

3 thoughts on “Vicious trading cards

  1. I’m so excited for this! The book trailer is fabulous! Just pre-ordered it on Kindle.:)

  2. […] into this post: An excerpt on! Warm Up, an endearing related short story on! Holy shit, the author has made really cool trading cards and I just drooled a little on my favorite … And what the hell, why not a B&N link, […]

  3. ama625 says:

    I am so doing this…. Honestly who can resist book swag!! Also now tweeting this to all my other book obsessed pals lol. THIS is awesome ! :)

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